5 Reasons to Attend This Type of High School

As the popularity of charter schools continues to rise, you as a parent have the choice as to which public school to send your child to – traditional or charter. Many parents are embracing this freedom of choice and are doing their homework to explore the best options for their child’s future. At the end of the day many are opting to enroll their child in a charter school, such as RMA Texas (Richard Milburn Academy). This raises the question, what can a charter school like RMA offer your child and how does your student potentially benefit?
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    Flexible Schedule

    Finding flexibility in a student’s schedule can be difficult, there are simply not enough hours in the day. At RMA however, our accelerated, personalized learning sessions are each four hours long. This gives your child the flexibility to handle other responsibilities while making education a top priority for four hours each weekday.

    • Morning session: 8:00-12:00
    • Afternoon session: 12:45-4:45
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    Philosophy That Matches You

    RMA is a school designed for your child! We are independently operated and therefore have the freedom to shape our curriculum and services to better accommodate individual students.

    • 1:1 instruction
    • Innovative Learning
    • Enrichment Opportunities
    • Mapping the Future
    • Texas Standards (TEKS) Aligned

    In fact, before we enroll your student, we take time to have an important enrollment meeting with him or her, you and school leaders to ensure we are ready to collaborate and do whatever it takes to help them learn.

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    Free Tuition

    Free! Really, there are no fees to attend. We are TEA accredited and follow the same standards as your local public high school.

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    Unique Opportunities

    Is your child looking for an environment where they have daily access to technology, 1:1 instruction, accelerated and credit recovery options, or exposure to a college curriculum platform? Great! At RMA your student receives individual attention with our small class sizes, has the opportunity to earn credits in half the time they would in a traditional school setting and use Canvas, our curriculum platform utilized by colleges.

    • 1:1 Computers for every student
    • Small class sizes (15 students)
    • Credit Recovery Options
    • Accelerated Credits
    • Canvas Platform
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    Environment of Like Minds

    What makes a charter school like RMA unique is that parents and students choose to enroll here, creating an environment of like minds. This mindset of choice creates excitement and motivation because our students WANT to be in the classroom. Students are eager to learn because at RMA, learning is fun! This enthusiasm is expressed through many teachers and students who describe RMA like a family—we aim to provide a community of learning and motivation for all learners. This year over 600 students will graduate from RMA.

    RMA is a place where your child can find success and motivation on their path to graduation day, click on the link to save your child a seat at Richard Milburn Academy!

There is no admission exam or interview. Just complete the enrollment form to get one step closer to your graduation day.
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There is no admission exam or interview. Just complete the enrollment form to get one step closer to your graduation day.
Fields marked with an * are required