I am Thomas, and I am 18 years old. I currently work Construction with my Brother in law as a part time job to help my Mother pay for the electric bills. I got laid off my own job at 17 years old, right before my Junior year in high school was over. In my free time I like to babysit, and watch over other people’s dogs, as I really love animals. I have always struggled at Math in school, but have always been fairly good at English, which would also explain why I consider myself to be lyrically inclined, when I’m writing music. I came to RMA at the beginning of Junior year, because there was no way I would have graduated at my old high school, do to all the math classes they enrolled me in.

Thomas Hix RMA Graduating Class of 2017

Thomas Hix
RMA Graduating Class of 2017

Thanks to my old Junior Math teacher, Ms. Burrell I was able to quickly catch up on my Math, and now I am scheduled to graduate on time this Senior year.

When I graduate high school, I want to get back in to the tool room, with my Dad, and work my way up to a supervisor like my Dad, getting a starting pay at $18 an hour. I eventually want to open up an animal shelter that would hold millions of homeless animals from around the year. My ending goal in life is to make a change in everyone’s life, morally and politically.

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