“Voting is essential. It’s a new, fun way to voice our opinions about important topics.” -Cara Ross

, RMA Students ROCK the VOTE!

#RocktheVote at RMA

In true #RocktheVote spirit, RMA students across Texas lead the way and exercise their democratic freedom to vote this November! 

This election cycle Government & Economics students encourage peers to participate in the democratic process and #RocktheVote outside of school. But, our students’ commitment to democracy doesn’t stop there! Our campuses in Odessa and Houston have even created a way for all students, regardless of age, to be exposed to this process as well– with a “mock” Presidential election!

Hardly an effort to “mock”, the election facilitated RMA students’ efforts to learn the process of preparing for an election, ballot development, polling requirements and logistics of election security and counting of votes.

Houston Election Results:

  • 78% Hillary Clinton
  • 16% Donald Trump
  • 6% Write-in Bernie Sanders

Student Reflections

     , RMA Students ROCK the VOTE!     , RMA Students ROCK the VOTE!

But don’t take a teacher’s word for it! Our students were so empowered and enlightened by the experience, we will let their ideas about voting speak for themselves:

“The experience made me feel so good because we were able to give our opinion on important topics in our world today.”

-Kaley Hallmark   

“It was awesome to be able to express our personal feelings about our political views in this country.”

-Luis Sanchez

“Giving your input in a big election, even if it was fake, made me feel like my opinion matters in my RMA family.”

-Jazmin Lujan

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