RMA Student Spotlight

The 2016-2017 school year is a special one for RMA’s Pasadena campus. All of our Rams have the opportunity to be the inaugural class of pioneers who embark on an educational journey ReIMAGINED from traditional public school. Our Student Spotlight this week, Julio Jaramillo, is one such transformative student.

Julio, the first RMA Pasadena Ram to achieve perfect attendance for the 2016 fall semester, also excels in all his classes. Julio’s hard work has resulted in being one of our top performing students. We wanted to Julio to share a little about his motivation, why RMA is the school for him and what’s next in his future!

Julio Jaramillo

“I came to RMA at 16 years old, and my goal is to enter law school by the time I turn 21.  I would like to attend Rice or Stanford University. My research shows Stanford has one of the best law schools in the United States, and Rice is closer to home and is also very good school. My goal is to graduate in December of 2017 to begin college.

I’ve never missed a day of school because I don’t want to miss out on anything. It was taught to me from a young age to come to school every day to further my education. My parents push me to be the best I can be–sometimes further than I would want to go on my own. My mom’s dream was to be a law student, but she couldn’t afford it. She wants me to be able to put myself through law school and to do tenfold compared to what she’s done. My mom is truly my inspiration because she has turned her life around and now owns her own business. 

I’m currently ranked 1st in my class. I give all my attention to what I am doing. Whenever I’m writing down notes, I chew gum which helps me keep my brain focused on what I’m writing. I play music when I study so I can recall the song and make connections to the questions when I take the test. 

I like coming to RMA because everyone is very friendly and the teachers care very much about my education. My favorite teacher is my English teacher, Ms. Mustain, because she connects current events to what we are learning. I really enjoy computer programming, and hope we can add classes like this in the future. 

If you are thinking about coming here, here’s my advice: you should come! Take advantage of every opportunity RMA can give you. You can learn at your own pace and excel faster than you can at a normal school.”


Julio embodies the spirit of a student working to make RMA Pasadena a place “Where Success Happens”. We can’t wait to see how this Student Spotlight will continue to shine as a Pasadena Ram!

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