RMA Families Make their Voices Heard

RMA families, RMA Families Advocate  RMA families, RMA Families Advocate  RMA families, RMA Families Advocate

This month, RMA families made their voices matter! Across the state, RMA families advocated for their students by writing elected officials about the school issues that matter most to them! On February 28th and March 2nd in both West Texas & the Panhandle, our campuses hosted Family Advocacy Nights. At each, our families discussed proposed Texas public school legislation and how it might impact our students.

Not only did our parents come to the meeting, but entire RMA families came out to give their support as well! We were so honored by the overwhelming participation and interest from so many of our families. Over 120 families joined us between these two evenings! 

During both Family Nights we explored the difference between charters and traditional districts, introduced proposed education legislation which has been introduced this session and provided an opportunity for families to write their elected officials! Both our parents and students were excited to advocate about proposed legislation to their Texas legislators. RMA families, RMA Families Advocate  RMA families, RMA Families Advocate  RMA families, RMA Families Advocate

Students Share their Opinions

RMA families, RMA Families Advocate  RMA families, RMA Families Advocate

Awesomely, our students were energized by the ability to participate in the legislative process! In fact, our elected officials have already started to respond to our families’ letters. We can’t wait to see how our students will continue to be further invested in government and the democratic process as a result! In fact, our Odessa campus welcomes Rep. Landgraf to our campus on March 24th!

The excitement from these Family Nights have even caused students to take the information back to their peers. As a result, students in our Odessa Criminal Justice and Government courses advocated to be able to share their own opinions with elected officials about other pieces of legislation that impact them. Our students are now seeing the direct impact that exercising their democratic rights might have on their lives!

We celebrate the efforts and input of all our families who make RMA a great school for students across the state! Thank you endless for your family support and advocacy. We look forward to many more years of making RMA a great place for our students to Learn. Grow. Graduate. 

RMA families, RMA Families Advocate      RMA families, RMA Families Advocate



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