We are happy to celebrate a grand life milestone of one of our teachers. Yanica St. John, a Career and Technical Education (CTE) Teacher at RMA-Corpus Christi, officially received her US citizenship.

Ms. St. John originally hails from the Carribean island of St. Lucia and immigrated to the US in 2014. “I visited the US in July 2014 and decided to stay after my high school sweetheart asked for my hand in marriage,” said Ms. St. John. Her husband’s job in the military gave Ms. St. John and her husband the opportunity to experience life in San Diego and San Antonio before settling in Corpus Christi. She became part of the RMA family in March of 2015 and now teaches CTE for grades 9 through 12, presenting a wide variety of life skills courses that prepare her students for public life and the workforce. Some of her courses include: Principles of Human Services, Child Development, Child Guidance, and Lifetime, Nutrition & Wellness.

Ms. St. John said, “Having the dream of wanting to start a family someday, and the drive of wanting to do more in the field of education, played a major role in inspiring me to become a citizen. Starting my career in education at age 21, I have always had the drive of wanting to do more by developing my teaching skills and developing my knowledge on how to inspire and teach tomorrow’s youth. And so, taking the steps needed to become a citizen of the U.S was always a major priority.”

Achieving citizenship was an exercise in patience, but Ms. St. John steadily pushed through the various stages of naturalization. We are delighted that her perseverance paid off and that her dream is now a reality.

Our heartfelt congratulations to you on your US citizenship, Ms. St. John!

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