We have all heard it a thousand times: “If these walls could talk.”  Oh, but they do.  In fact, even the ceiling speaks volumes in this case. Where? The RMA-Midland campus is letting the walls and ceilings tell their story.

The Walls of Students

Upon joining RMA-Midland as Principal, Ms. Theesfield was met with plain, undecorated walls down her campus’ main hall. She immediately saw them as a blank canvas ready to reflect the vibrancy, potential, and positivity of her students.  Ms. Theesfield started snapping photos of students in their natural RMA habitat – learning, laughing, and sharing. Once devoid of personality, the main hallway now shines with the spirit of RMA-Midland thanks to several framed 16” x 20” photos of current students.  

To keep things fresh, the plan is to update the photos each 9-week period throughout the year.  Additionally, students will have the opportunity to participate in the future evolution of the walls.  Expect to see art and even poetry.

“Students are the heart and soul of this campus. It’s only right that their creativity should color their surroundings,” said Ms. Theesfield.

Here are some of the photos that are currently gracing the walls:

Inspiration Above Us

The walls aren’t the only star of this show.  While strolling the main corridor, don’t forget to keep your chin up…literally.  On the ceiling, several inspirational quotes float above students as they make their way between classes.  Never one to let a good student eye roll go to waste, Ms. Theesfield jokes that even an eye roll can find positivity now that motivation is to be found on the ceiling.

Loud Positivity

Principal Theesfield is an avid follower of the innovative, educational thinker, George Couros, and shared this quote of his that encapsulates her own thinking and fits well with the motivation behind the recent change in campus decor.  

“We need to make the positive so loud that the negative is almost impossible to hear.” – George Couros

Kudos to RMA-Midland for this initiative and for the loud positivity.  We are eager to see how the Midland students take this to the next level!

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