Open enrollment is officially live at all RMA campuses now.  If you are an RMA student or parent/guardian, now is a great time to tell other families about your experience with RMA.  Seats are limited, so future students will want to act soon.

If you are a prospective student or parent who is looking for the next best step toward a high school diploma, we invite you to learn more about RMA’s mission of increasing high school graduation rates in the state of Texas and empowering our students to exceed all expectations.  We are uniquely interested in supporting and educating students from backgrounds that are not easy. RMA offers four-hour school days because many of our students have to work at a job and/or take care of family. Those life responsibilities should not be a barrier to a diploma. Our teachers and staff understand that school is just one piece of our students’ lives so our curriculum is planned to be very effective in fewer hours per day than standard high schools offer.  

But what if you’ve already dropped out and haven’t been in school for a few years?  At RMA, we will look at your specific situation to determine how best to re-ignite your education.  It’s not too late for a fresh start. We are skilled at finding the right starting place for students who have been away from school for a while and know how to encourage them to graduate.

RMA also offers the benefit of providing FREE education since we are a public charter school which does not charge tuition.  Our four-hour days, free tuition and supportive teachers are the main selling points for most of our students.

Our nine Texas campuses are state-accredited.  This means that your future RMA diploma is a REAL diploma that can qualify you for future enrollment in college, military service or workforce participation.  GEDs can limit future opportunities versus a true diploma, so our sole focus is to help each and every one of our students eventually walk the stage on graduation day and earn a REAL DIPLOMA which will open doors to success in life.  

While the RMA senior class of 2019 is ordering caps and gowns and planning graduation parties, we invite you to join the next generation of students who will graduate and exceed all expectations.

Click here to learn about earning YOUR diploma. 

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