The RMA Houston “Awesome Blossoms” girls’ club is one of the most active and impactful student groups across our nine RMA campuses.  Amanda Martinez, the staff adviser for the group, kindly shared with us the story of the Awesome Blossoms.

It was the school year 2017-2018 when a group of students came to Mrs. Martinez and mentioned their interest in creating an organization that would accomplish something beyond their four academic hours; an organization that would help the community, empower each other and be a model to other women in the school community.

How was the club named?

“I told them to come up with a name that represents us growing together, maturing, and empowering women,” said Mrs. Martinez. At first, it was just an idea, but with the combined efforts of the girls, Mrs. Martinez and the school board, Awesome Blossoms was born.   

The Meetings and Support

Their meetings take place every Tuesdays at 12 pm. Mrs. Martinez generally kicks off the meetings, and various guest speakers participate in the club, including Sergeant Flythe who has not only been a speaker, but joined the club, too. Sgt. Flythe shared her life story and how she has become who she is now. She is also one of the key reasons that the Spring Fling event was a success.  Sergeant Fudge is also supporting the club and gives the girls so much hope for what they can achieve. While part of the mission of the Awesome Blossoms is to support the community, Mrs. Martinez says that the Awesome Blossoms are themselves benefiting from the support of some awesome women in the community.

 “We have caring women that it’s simply in their hearts to help and support our youth,” said Amanda Martinez, while pointing out Mrs. Mary from Dwelling Place church as a great example. “She came over, gave her testimony, and spread some love and hope on our girls. She also helped get some donations for our Spring Fling event to give out to our families.” 

Beyond this solid community support, the consistent and understanding leadership of Mrs. Martinez is also crucial to the group.  Her story is very inspiring and she is open with the girls about her own journey.

“I myself went through dropping out of high school, drugs, gangs, getting pregnant at a young age, and physical and mental abuse, but I overcame all that (all the glory to God). We let the girls know that we can relate to them, that we are here for them, and to hang in there.”

In a typical meeting, the girls talk about their goals, how their week went, celebrate birthdays and good news. They also encourage each other and design activities for the school to enjoy –  like events and luncheons on Valentines, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Everyone is welcome to voice their opinions and ideas. Yes, there are disagreements, too, but it’s fine with the girls because with these disagreements they learn and see progress from each other.

What Impact Has the Group Had on the Girls and the Community? 

“ I’ve seen them find their own identity and getting to know who they are, most importantly, in God.  I feel that they see a better and brighter future for themselves. They are willing to learn and love to hear other women’s experiences. We try to give everyone a chance if they are willing to change for the better. Nobody is perfect. We are all learning and growing as we go,” says Mrs. Martinez.

With only a year of being part of the school community, Awesome Blossoms has already had quite the impact on RMA Houston and the surrounding community. Every season, they decorate and lighten up the RMA Houston campus. They give free school supplies to homeless students in their campus at the beginning of the school year. They helped in the planning and preparation of the Fall Festival last September. At Thanksgiving, they held a food drive that delivered food to the homeless in their community. A toy drive last December served as part of their Christmas spirit event. They handed those toys to young mothers, fathers, and expectant mothers. Since Awesome Blossoms is just starting, they need more donations to gather more funds to be able to help and give back more to the community. “ It is very important for those that can donate to donate to our club,” said Amanda Martinez.  These donations will help the club to plan for their educational trips and have some fun, too.

Any interested individual can register in August when school starts or early in January. They welcome any girls who are dedicated and will show up in every meeting, an individual who is willing to embrace change and be a good role model to other girls.

Thoughts from a Few Awesome Blossoms Girls

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Leslie Reyes

“Trust that you are great! No one can value your worth unless you do it first! A good thing about our club is that we can talk things out, even when we don’t want to.” – Aniyha Davis

“You are doing a good job in a whole.  Don’t let negativity break your positive vibe. We stick together and stay together and never fall apart.” – Amber Bagent

Congratulations to the Awesome Blossoms for living up to their name by growing with each other and having such an awesome impact on the school and community! 


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