The founder of RMA, Richard A. Grim, was born in Maryland on February 12, 1935, to working-class parents George Grim and Agatha Milburn.  Richard was the fourth of five children, with 3 older sisters and a younger brother.  Richard’s father was a crane operator while his mother was a homemaker.  The family lived in Baltimore, MD for nearly all of Richard’s childhood.

The Korean War was underway while Richard Grim was in high school and he immediately enlisted with the US Marines upon graduation.  After four months of training at Ft. McHenry in his hometown of Baltimore, Richard was sent to Korea to join the USMC 1st Engineer Battalion in the Fall of 1952.  His unit served in support of the First Marine Combat Division in Korea until December of 1953. After six years as an enlisted Marine, Richard moved to a career as an officer in the Army, beginning with officer training at the Citadel in 1959.  Richard served in the Army until 1974, eventually achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (LTC).  

After leaving the Army in 1974 and driven by his passion for education, Richard and business partner Robert Crosby established a school in 1975 at Quantico (where Richard had been previously stationed) for US Marine Corp personnel who still needed to earn a diploma or hoped to earn a GED.  At that time the school was named “Richard Milburn High School”.  When naming the school, Richard chose to use his mother’s maiden name rather than his own last name because “Milburn” had a more positive ring to it than “Grim”.  The school was a success and more schools followed at other military bases. Several of these high schools continue to operate in Virginia and Illinois.  Richard Grim passed away in 1987 and his business partner, Robert Crosby, bought Richard’s half of the company and continued to expand the schools.

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