Campus Turnaround Plan

What is a Turnaround Plan?

RMA strives to instill within our students a positive foundation to realize their dreams.  Our district promotes a solid educational experience through the implementation and accomplishment of District developed goals.  RMA is committed to a cycle of continuous improvement through reflection, revision, goal-setting, and evaluation.  The creation and implementation of a turnaround plan is a component of this improvement cycle.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) identifies campuses eligible for Turnaround Plans through its academic rating system.  A campus that has been rated “Improvement Required” for two or more consecutive years is required to develop and submit a Turnaround Plan to improve student achievement.  RMA – Ft. Worth has been designated “Improvement Required” for one year.

The development of a Turnaround Plan is a collaborative effort involving all stakeholders.  Suggestions and recommendations from parents, staff and community members are encouraged.  Therefore, the staff members at RMA – Ft. Worth are soliciting input and ideas for improving the academic performance of the campus.

Questions about Campus Turnaround Plans? 

Parents, staff and community members who have questions about campus turnaround plans may contact Susan Richey, Principal, at (817) 731-7627.

6785 Camp Bowie Blvd. #200
Fort Worth, TX 76116
(817) 731-7627