Since we opened our doors in 1998, RMA has continuously reimagined what possible for high school students and families in Texas. Today, with 10 schools in operation, serving 2,300 students throughout Texas, RMA is proof that anything is possible when students are given opportunity and access to high quality educational opportunities.

Our Mission

All RMA students will acquire needed credits, graduate with a high school diploma and achieve in postsecondary education and employment.

RMA is a different kind of high school.
It’s a public charter high school designed for more flexibility and personal attention. In most high schools it’s all about fitting in. At RMA, we encourage students to stand out among the crowd. We see students as individuals with unique abilities, responsibilities and goals.

Learn. Grow. Graduate.

At RMA, we believe you deserve a chance to achieve your personal goals, whatever they may be:

  • Catching up to cohort
  • Accelerating credits to get ahead
  • Individualized planning for a specific career track
  • Graduating with invaluable hands on experiences
  • Finding and succeeding in a career
  • Going on to a 2-or 4-year college
  • Meeting family responsibilities

We meet you where you are.

Our teachers are devoted to providing the quality education and personal support students need to graduate. But students also have access to other services:

  • Two half-day (4 hour) programs
  • Tutoring before or after school
  • Saturday Academy End of Course preparation opportunities
  • Vocational skill development
  • Work/study program
  • College and career counseling
  • Special education specialists
  • Community and public service opportunities