Lubbock Campus Overview

Here at RMA Lubbock we are leading the way with innovative, alternative education that is designed for students seeking a non-traditional schooling opportunity. A public charter high school, we seek to prepare our students for the 21st century with dynamic and comprehensive learning through virtual AND traditional classrooms. We understand that many students need smaller classes and shortened days in order to succeed – so we did that! Our caring and knowledgeable teachers work with two sessions per day allowing students to earn all the same credits in half the time. RMA isn’t just another school, it’s a school that works for you! Come see the difference that RMA is making every day and you just might find it’s where you want to be too!

Just the Facts

  • Smaller classes = More of a one-on-one education.

  • Morning or Afternoon Sessions to fit your Schedule = Four hours of school per day!

  • 500 graduates per year across the district.

  • Absolutely FREE!!!

A Message from the Our School Principal

Hello! It’s so fabulous to see you.
If you or your student wish to recharge your educational journey, we want to assist.  At RMA Lubbock we have the tools, classes, and assets to do just that!  With our half-day, high-tech, and accelerated offerings we have something available just for you.
At RMA our mission is:
Empowering Students to Graduate, Prepared to Exceed All Expectations.
Please, stop by our campus. Fill out an application and let’s start planning your graduation together.
Teffanie Thompson White
2333 50th St.
Lubbock, TX 79412
(806) 740-0811

BE YOU. Learn with us.