Our Program

We believe every child can and will succeed if given the opportunity. No student’s potential should be limited by their location, past educational experiences or their household income.

RMA is committed to citizenship, college and career preparation for all students. Through our half-day flexible model, innovative curriculum and personalized support system comprising people, programs, and culture, we are closing the opportunity gap and increasing levels of achievement by preparing students for graduation, career, college, and citizenship.

We lay the foundation for all students to achieve by creating thoughtful systems, a culture of high expectations and sound instruction. While RMA is designed to accommodate all student needs, we also specialize in Credit-Recovery offerings and Dropout-Recovery services.

A few facts about learning at RMA

4 hours

RMA’s accelerated, personalized learning sessions are each four hours long. Our morning session is held from 8:00-12:06 and our afternoon session is held from 12:39-4:45.

17 students

RMA classes are often almost half the size of class sizes at large high schools. We believe learning should be personalized to meet the needs of individual students. Many teachers and students describe RMA like a family—we aim to provide a community of learning and motivation for all learners

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Credit & Dropout Recovery

RMA’s Mission speaks to our belief that all students are capable of earning their diploma. We understand that many times there are situations that arise in life which can cause students to either fall behind in their course credits, or even feel like they have no options left but to drop out entirely. While RMA is designed to meet traditional student needs; unlike most schools, we also specialize in Credit-Recovery offerings and Dropout-Recovery services.

1:1 instruction

RMA is designed to individualize high school for students at all levels. No matter at what level our students begin, they will find success at RMA because teachers take time provide individual assistance, student support and motivation.

250 computers

The average number of computers on each RMA campus is 250. Daily access to high-levels of technology provides RMA students with the opportunity to innovate, collaborate and excel using our blended learning rotational model.

1 common curriculum

With help from our curriculum experts across the district, we have developed accelerated, innovative curriculum built upon the Texas learning standards and created within Canvas, the learning platform utilized by major universities throughout the state and nation.

This year over 600 students will graduate and become proud RMA alumni. We prove academic outcomes are not only possible but probable when schools invest in great teachers; build a culture of high expectations; and create effective support systems to ensure that student learning is at the forefront of every decision made.