• Welcome to the Academic Services Department!

    The Academics department creates high standards of achievement to promote students’ academic success through innovative learning strategies that meet their individual needs.

    We support the school district's mission of empowering students to graduate, prepared to exceed all expectations by:

    • Striving to engage students in a relevant curriculum that increases their reading, writing, and math proficiency and also offering electives that will enhance their career and life skills.
    • Providing equipment and facilities to create opportunities for student success in mastering objectives.
    • Improving student retention through CTE advocacy and instruction to bridge gaps occurring during grade-level transitions.
    • Establishing instructional best practices and professional development, so that our students consistently meet state and district requirements for graduation/promotion.
    • Encouraging our students to consider life after high school by preparing for college courses, joining our work-study program to earn high school credit, and/or participating in our CTE program. 

    Any credits earned at RMA are transferable to/from any United States high school and are accepted by most colleges and universities.