RMA Public Schools Careers Page

  • RMA Philosophy

    Mission: Empowering students to graduate, prepared to exceed all expectations

    Vision: Every student will be empowered to make CHOICES for lifelong success.



    Commitment: Works toward the goals, mission, and vision of RMA.

    Honest: Engaged and operates with great integrity and trust.

    Opportunity: Actively seek opportunities to help all others.

    Innovation: Helps to enhance the innovative potential of RMA.

    Community: Represents the voices of our students in need.

    Empathy: Shows respect for all

    Safety: Ensures the campus is a safe environment for all.


    HR Contact Information

    Christina Averill, HR Coordinator

    830-557-6181, option 2


    13003 Jones Maltsberger Rd.

    San Antonio, Texas 78247



    Pay Philosophy

    RMA places emphasis on equity, transparency, excellence, and commitment. These four key values are the foundation for all RMA compensation structures and practices. Given the role our employees play on campus, they are particularly critical to the success of our mission. As such, we offer annual stipends to attract and retain talented employees.

    RMA offers stipends for - Doctorate, Masters, SPED, and ESL for all employees. 


    RMA Pays:

    Over $450 toward an employee’s health insurance premium.

    Up to 70% towards employee dental.

    Up to $50,000 towards a standard life insurance policy, in an amount equal to one year’s salary

    Up to $50 per month for employees that decline health coverage.




    Why Lead With RMA?

    Surrounded and supported by people who share the same mindset and goals, our teachers are leveling the educational playing field with innovative practices that will benefit students regardless of their past. At RMA Public Schools, our staff members are changing the course of education, lives, and futures, every single day.