Texas Education Code (TEC) 37.109 mandates that each school district in Texas establish a Safety and Security Committee in accordance with the guidelines established by the Texas School Safety Center. Committee membership includes district and campus administrators, department directors, Board of Trustee members, local emergency management officials, law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services, and other community stakeholders. 

    The responsibilities of the School Safety & Security Committee shall include, but are not limited to:

    Developing and implementing emergency plans consistent with the district multi-hazard emergency operations plan to address specific campus, facility, and support service needs.

    • Periodically provided recommendations to the board and superintendent regarding updating the district multi-hazard emergency operations plan in accordance with established best practices.
    • Providing the district with any campus, facility, or support services information is required in connection with safety and security audits or other reports.
    • Each report must be reviewed by the district and submitted to the Texas School Safety Center to ensure that the report contains accurate and complete information regarding each campus, facility, and support services per established criteria.
    • Consult with local law enforcement agencies on increasing law enforcement presence near district campuses.